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Extensive Experience

With over 15 years in Ankara’s medical sector, we bring unmatched expertise to the industry, ensuring top-tier products and solutions.

Customer-Centric Focus

Our commitment to customers drives us. We tailor products for patients, healthcare pros, and institutions, ensuring satisfaction at every level.

Innovation in Healthcare

Adapting to change, we offer not just consumables but also cutting-edge medical devices. We’re committed to shaping healthcare’s future.

For over a span of fifteen years, our presence has endured in Ankara, steadfastly dedicated to enhancing the medical sector through the application of extensive acquired experience and knowledge. Our enterprise has consistently represented, and will perpetually persist as, a pivotal force instigating distinctive advancements within the industry as per our predefined objectives.

Our principal aspiration revolves around a commitment to customer-centricity. We are resolute in our endeavor to unite patients, healthcare personnel, and medical institutions with the refined assortment of products and insights within our portfolio, positioned at the optimal juncture. This is underpinned by a foundation rooted in rigorous scientific principles, both prior to and subsequent to transactions, thereby elevating the nature of customer interactions.

In alignment with our steadfast pursuit of measured expansion, our company has propelled itself beyond mere medical consumables, now encompassing a gamut of medical devices. This diversification is in tandem with the evolution of the sector and has been complemented by the cultivation of a proprietary domestic brand. This trajectory of progress remains our unwavering trajectory.



Equip Medikey™

Innovation in the fields of Anesthesiology and Pain Management is at the heart of Equip Medikey. Joined by true pioneers,  develops new products with unique features, for safer anesthesia and effective pain treatments. Valuable solutions for many practitioners and patients, all over the world.


For more than 40 years, Epimed has produced high quality and effective needles and catheters for Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia procedures.

TOP Corporation™

Manufacturing products that pursue the highest quality “The TOP in Quality” in order to provide comfortable and secure medical care not only to patients but also to everyone engaged in medical care.


A medical device consisting of various injectors and a filter tube, designed for the processing and injection of purified autologous adipose tissue.

B&B Dental™

A leading Italian company in the field of oral implantology. specializes in the design of dental implants and materials for bone regeneration and, thanks to the experience gained over the years, has managed to develop implant-prosthetic technologies and innovative materials of high quality.

NORALGO Medical Devices™